What is GreetHer?

I’ve taken countless risks while I’ve traveled the world, probably more than I’m aware. But I have also met the most wonderful people, often in random ways, creating lifelong connections with something I like to call “travel magic”.  This is a bundled combination of: following my gut, trusting strangers, doing my research and having some luck.

While I’m aware that unfortunately not everyone and certainly not every single of my trips I take will have this magic. We want to stop imagining a world where this magic can be enabled easier and instead we want to make this happen, especially for women.

Greether is the platform where authentic connections can be made safely, where women empowerment is the goal, and where you can rest assured that you are spending your travel money in an ethical way. 

Greether accomplishes this by making sure there is a mutually beneficial and enriching experience with whom you choose to interact and meet.

Greether is born from the need of having a local best friend wherever you go, a trusted local guide that will make your trip unforgettable, the awesome greeter that will become a friend with whom you share memories of that time abroad.

It is 2021 and more than ever before the tourism industry has experienced a drastic change, people are more aware of the importance of conscious traveling. The second largest travel sector has switched towards women who wish to travel and as the industry adapts to the new world, we are creating this platform where women can create social impact and empower one another.

This is Greether a step closer to closing global gaps by promoting local experiences that help increase employment for women and reduce risks for female travelers.

Greether is the new way for women to travel around the world while empowering each other.


Vanessa Karel

Greether Founder

Vanessa K

Founder & CEO


What is a Greeter?