What is a Greeter?


Every time you travel is an unique and unrepeatable experience, landing to a place where you have never been before or know no one at all can be both exciting and terrifying. Figuring out how to navigate a new place is sometimes the most stressful part of traveling on your own or accompanied. However, the more you travel, the more you learn how to switch from feeling afraid, to feeling curiosity. We learn to embrace the adventure and every time you take a trip, you open new doors to experiences that feed your constant need to travel, to create memories and above all, to become a better person.

Discovering wonderful destinations comes with risks and difficulties. Not everything is pink. There are aspects that must be closely assessed before and during the trip, such as; safety, time, transportation, culture, language barriers, mobile data, accomodation, currency, etc. Furthermore, cultural differences can damage your expectations and turn your travel dreams into nightmares. 

From a survey conducted by Greether to over 500 frequent female travelers, 90% of women reported that the #1 concern as soon as they landed to a place was navigating themselves around a new place and doing that safely.

All of the points mentioned above are some of the many reasons Greether was created. We created a solution to minimize concerns about these issues and allow you to focus on the most important thing about traveling which is to: ENJOY. 

Our solution is to: Book a Greeter!

A Greeter is a verified local woman that understands your needs, she is a local expert on many topics about the place you will visit. She is someone you can trust, we call her your “local best friend wherever you go”. She is also a facilitator of wonderful experiences, and will be able to show you hidden and local gems that do not necessarily appear in Lonely Planet guides. 

A Greeter will be there to help you throughout your trip with tips and tricks or even to help you with transportation so you don’t have to waste time figuring out commuting and avoiding tourists scams. She will greet you with open arms and a big smile! You can hire her to show you around the most amazing places of that destination or you can simply ask her to personalize an experience that matches your interests and dreams. The options are endless, she will be there for you to make your trip unforgettable. 

She is also the person you hire for peace of mind when you book a trip into the unknown, to a place where you maybe wouldn’t have gone before, due to fear of being unsafe, not speaking the language, loneliness, not knowing anyone or because you just simply did not know about that “ for local’s only” plan! 


As women, we constantly feel vulnerable and even in this century, we often don't know what social dynamics we will encounter at a place that isn’t our home and this can be very tough. This is why we value a female's advice, guidance and company. We believe this is the perfect ingredient to put together traveling, safety, tranquility, and fun!

Characteristics our greeters have: 

✓ Trustworthy (Verified ID)

✓ Original Plans in town

✓ Empathic and Resourceful

✓ Open-minded and inclusive

✓ Good Communication skills

✓ Adaptable to your interests

✓ She speaks your language

Greether is also proud to be a source for women to find opportunities to generate income while they help women travel safer. Every time you book a greeter we are a step closer towards the development goals of increasing women’s opportunities and reducing risks for women around the world.

Since safety is a priority for us, our team takes the time to do an exhaustive selection process for each of our potential greeters. This process includes a special verification as well as interviews with each of them, where we take the time to meet them, vet them by personality, skills, interests and we prepare them to create original plans for each of our awesome travelers. 

Our greeters are trained to comply with our policies, goals and they have the same missions as us, which is; to make your trip a wonderful, safe experience and to empower women around the world through traveling experiences. 

Do you know a potential greeter? Are you her? 

We are looking for you!

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Vanessa K

Founder & CEO


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