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Safety hiking tips for women

Greether aims to provide a safer way for women to feel confident to explore all corners of the world, knowing that women are stopping themselves from doing something as simple as taking a hike. We asked 6 experienced hikers what safety tips they recommend our travelers to take, read her responses on this blog!

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Vanessa K Vanessa K

Female bosses impacting the World

Even though we are a travel platform that focuses on connecting female travelers to local women wherever they go, one of our missions is to support the exposure of small and big, women-led businesses around the world.

We invite you to scroll down and read all the inspiring stories from women creating social impact through their initiatives.

“The following list is only a fraction of the number of women creating change. I applaud every one of them for working hard to make our world a better one.” #girlpower

-Vanessa Karel (Greether Founder)

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