Here are some ways Greether contributes to peace

International Day of Peace is a good time for us to pay attention to the efforts many organizations are putting into creating change. 

The fight for safer cities should be a collective effort and, it is crucial to support sustainable initiatives around the world. 

This year's theme is “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world” and, as a startup born during the pandemic, it is helpful to hold on to the passion of our goals; helping women around the world be safer.
Greether is working on creating an impactful tool that contributes to increasing authentic connections between locals and travelers. We believe this will result in the growth of income opportunities for women and a way for them to experience freedom. 
 We understand that our mission comes with the responsibility to be a vehicle to safer cities.

Here are some ways that Greether contributes to social impact:

  • Through Greether, women won’t only be able to connect with travelers as an entity but will be able to celebrate their entrepreneurial spirits as they promote the unique experiences they can tailor to their guests.

  • Breaking cultural stereotypes by the formation of new friendships and connections.

  • Constant advocacy for cultural respect will impact the perseverance of local customs.

  • Implementation of ethical practices to protect the locals.

  • Our goal is to encourage travelers to become conscious about how their journeys can impact for the better the communities that need it the most, such as women.

  • Providing protocols to local communities to promote authentic and culturally enriching experiences to the guests visiting those areas.

Greether's mission targets two of the most important SDGs that contribute to a more sustainable and therefore peaceful world. One; reducing safety risks for women and second; promoting a way for women to support each other economically as they navigate destinations.  

The better news: You can help!

 1. By signing up to be a local greeter for female travelers visiting your area.

 2. By referring someone that could use a greeter's help on their next trip.

 With your help, we will create a more sustainable, more peaceful, and safer world.

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Vanessa K

Founder & CEO


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